Product Details

New Feature: Get access to the new product details page for each product.
Explore each niche deeper, to discover new product opportunities

Product Details Page

Product Graphs are back

You can now see the evolution of BSR over the last 30 days by hovering the product with your mouse.

Product Graph

You can choose to activate or deactivate the graphs from the option panel

Show / Hide Graphs

List View

A new way to display product information.
List View

1) To switch to the new view, you need to click on the 3 horizontal bars under the filter panel.

Access the List View

2) You can also access the graph directly from the list view.

BSR Graph under the list view

Calendar Tool

Find the best niche to target each month of the year using our new calendar.

Marketplaces Available :  US,FR, DE, IT, ES, JP & UK.

Tips :
  • You can click on each tab to open the search results on Amazon. 
  • You might have to update your postcode to a local one to get more search results.

New design is out.

Podly has gone under a complete redesign of the platform.
New using the new design are coming very soon.
The graph feature is coming back very soon. 

Podly new design

Best Seller Rank for KDP products

Fixed a bug where BSRs for KDP were not showing correctly.

Product Image Sizes

Product images were not displayed in their entirety. We fixed that, now you can see the whole product image size.

Suggest a Feature Tool

So you think you have great idea that could help the Print-On-Demand community?

Suggest it here, on the new "Feature requests" tool, so we can bring it to Podly!

Request your feature here.

Click here.

Roadmap Tool

You can now vote for your favorite feature to become a reality on Podly!

You can vote by clicking on the arrow pointing up.

Click Here.

Autocomplete for On Site Search tool

You can now get keyword suggestions directly from Amazon Autocomplete. This will help you to find related product ideas.

Amazon Autocomplete Becomes Podly.

In an effort to better represent the whole Print-On-Demand community, is now called Podly.

New Podly Logo

Order Favorites by BSR

You can now order your favorite products by Best Seller Rank using the arrow placed next to "BEST SELLERS RANK"

Click on the V icon next to Best Sellers Rank to arrange the shirts

Favorites exports to .CSV

You are now able to download the active group to a .csv file. You can use it to share your research with your designer or virtual assistant.

Export Button

CSV file