4 days ago

Speed Improvements

We are happy to announce that we have upgraded our server infrastructure to bring you a new lightning-fast version of Podly. We now combine the biggest and fastest database on the market.

Improved Light UI

We have increased the contrast of the "Light UI" to improve the usability of our platform.

New Light UI

Largest archive database.

We have improve the whole archive database. You will now be able to go as far back as December 2017 and find the best product that were selling back then. We now have the largest Archive database of Print on Demand product on Amazon. In the coming week we will rework the user experience of the archive database to improve usabilty.

Favorites Speed Improvement.

We have completely reworked the code behind the "favorites" features to improve speed, reliability and user experience.

Speed Improvement.

We have worked really hard to improve the overall speed of the application. You will now see products loading faster when scrolling for example.